Global Indian International School was awarded Digital Learning award for ICT intervention in school at the School Leader’s Summit 2016, New Delhi. The school secured a 4th rank in the category of Online Presence and the 5th rank in the category of “Social Footprints”. 200 Top schools of India represented by principals participated in the Leadership Summit. The delegates were many school leaders, educators and researchers from secondary and Sr. Secondary Schools. This award reaffirms and vindicates the school’s tireless efforts to fervently incorporate the best practices of teaching learning in our curriculum and implement effective change strategies that lift up the profession, promote innovation, and are sustainable over time.

“In order to maximize the learning experience for maximum number of students for the maximum amount of time, ICT intervention is of extreme importance”, said Principal, Dr Amrita Vohra. She believes that the online presence of an institution is of utmost importance as the young parents of today have an inclination towards the virtual world and this ease in accessibility helps them to be updated about the current events in school. She also states that replication of the best practices is possible through ICT intervention as it helps in storing of data, research and analysis.

We remain thankful to our parents for being our active followers and users that has helped the school to gain immense popularity in the virtual world.

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