Math is one pursuit of knowledge which nourishes the brain by stimulating it to sharpen acumen, reason and solve problems. Tapping on cognitive development through enhancing logical reasoning, it activates the cells of the brain beautifully by always presenting challenges.

To commemorate the birth anniversary of a great mathematician, Ramanujan, the Global Indian International School held an Inter GIIS Math Quiz to ignite the spark of learning and befriending the subject. Bringing accolades to the Chinchwad campus, our students of Class 6 stood first in the quiz proving their mettle.

Math, often perceived to be the most challenging field was taken up in an exciting way encouraging children to compete against their counterpart. Quizzes prove to motivate people to “want to” learn and the outstanding problem solving skills were displayed at the zenith by the students of GIIS Chinchwad. It has been proved that by regularly bringing quizzes into the classroom; teachers encourage students to pay attention to all of the material in class.

The quiz revolved around the concepts of profit & loss, application of tables, fractions, decimals, exponents, arithmetic operations, simple & compound interest, percentage and unitary method, ratio, proportion, speed, distance and time, geometry and many more.


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