SPELL BEE is a pioneer concept in conducting spelling competitions to create an awareness of the necessity to spell and pronounce words correctly. It also develops enthusiasm amongst students to learn new words. GIIS Chinchwad constantly strives to impress upon its students the nuances of fine learning and equips them with refined skills.

The 21st century is full of technology that is designed to help you communicate. However, some of this technology may in fact contribute to poor communication skills. Most of the social media provide a great way to share short updates and notices but compromise on the communication and language ethics by frequently abbreviating words. It becomes very important here to realize that repetition contributes to learning and memory, and if you get in the habit of abbreviating words, you might forget how they’re really spelled.

On 30th October’15, K2 department of Global Indian International School, Chinchwad conducted the final round of the ‘Spell Bee Event’. The month long competition which saw 3 rounds and a variety of words to be spelled enhanced the concept of spelling words and writing them correctly in the students.

Finalists of the event were Elakshi Mandke from K2-A, Vaishak Ram Mohan and Bhavya Tyagi from K2 B, Niyati Bhat from K2 D,  Suhaan Patil K2-F, Javion Aranha from K2 H, Joshua Chettiar from K2-J and Parsa Khatri from K2 K. The experience was indeed amazing for the students as it was not conducted in a usual way. Children were guided about the various rounds at the beginning of the session. The Spell Bee master, Ms. Kakuli Pal, Pre-Primary Coordinator used props like picture cards, models and riddles to make this event an exciting and an interesting one.

All the students were achievers of the event. The participation certificate was given to each child by the Principal Dr. Amrita Vohra. She concluded the event with encouraging words to the finalists.

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