Colors fill a child’s life with fantasies, wonder and amusement coupled with learning which defines the various abilities of logical reasoning, creative thinking and inquisitiveness. To enhance all these we hold color days as a part of our curriculum to offer children a day that they look forward to and explore their favorite colors.

Full of high spirits, the children celebrated Brown Day in school. The fascination of the Nursery kids knew no bounds when they saw the school decorated with a huge cut-out of their favourite teddy bear, to be painted with brown color with sponge dabbing. The smiles on their faces was endearing as each one dabbed the cuddly teddy bear filling it with brown spots.

A brown corner was set up with yummy muffins, chocolates, coffees, toy camel, leather bags, nest and a fascinating display of a variety of brown colour was made to introduce the colour. What filled the tiny tots with excitement was a short skit where the teachers mixed red and green colour to form “brown”. The children had their fill of fun when they made takeaways of the color to be carried homes and flaunt it to their parents as prized possessions.

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