He is strict yet vulnerable, loving yet punishing and to celebrate the indomitable spirit of a father -the anchor of his children’s life, the team of GIIS celebrated “Clay Modeling with Fathers” on Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

Fathers of the students of Classes Nursery to K-II were invited to bond with their children over a fun filled activity of Clay Modeling. The activity involved the little wonders creating wonderful pieces of art unleashing their creativity and displaying their artistic best. Clay modeling is a wonderful exercise to tap on the fine motor skills of our little ones. As their tiny hands and fingers mold clay into shapes which they identify; their skills get enhanced. It was indeed a pleasure to watch the little ones exercising their imagination with their fathers.

The hidden yet very strong aim for holding this activity was to give children quality time with their fathers. Often in the grind of daily lives and hectic schedules, small moments of bonding and unconditional love are overlooked. At GIIS we strive to create opportunities for both children and parents to appreciate the love in a family and bond over what they like doing best.

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