Children should be aware of the fact that we live in a society which

works on co-operation and help. This help to the society is provided

by community helpers which are available to help us whenever we are in

need. In order to make little ones aware of community helpers,

teachers of Class Nursery organised a ‘Community Helpers’ activity for

kids. The activity not only highlighted the efforts of community

helpers but also informed the kids about various community helpers

that they see around them.

Children were shown videos related to various community helpers such

as mason, barber, policeman, postman etc as they admired the hard work

of these helpers to maintain smooth functioning of the society. They

learnt how these community helpers are an indispensable part of the

society and children should treat them with respect. This activity

instilled good values in the children at the same time made them aware

of their surroundings.

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