Special Assembly on International Yoga Day
Teachers and students…the pre-primary kids to the high school lot were practising various yoga asanas’ in school. GIIS Chinchwad celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21. The world celebrated International Yoga Day amidst great fanfare on June 21, 2015. It was the first edition. The benefits of Yoga are too many to name; it is practised in India from times immemorial. Yoga has been handed over to us down the centuries; it is a 5000 year old tradition, an integral part of Indian culture. Yoga helps us in leading a physically fit, mentally agile, spiritual and disciplined life. In recent times it has become an extremely popular fitness mantra all over the world.

Yoga is a part of GIIS Chinchwad fitness regime for students. The Assembly on International Yoga Day started with a Yoga presentation by the students. The Yoga enthusiasts of the school demonstrated how to perform different asanas. They meticulously explained the benefits of Yoga in our daily life. After the conclusion of the assembly the sports team conducted a Yoga session for each class of the school right from the pre-primary to high school. The session was aimed at popularising Yoga among the youngsters. The many asanas that were taught by the  yoga enthusiasts will help the children lead a disciplined life apart from its plentiful physical benefits. Yoga is slowly raising its head as an important part of our life. Children need to imbibe this holistic approach to health and well being and embrace it with open arms!

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