A brand new term starts today

Summer holidays have passed away.

June is here, with a fresh call

Welcome children welcome all.

We hope vacation was real fun

And that you’re glad school has begun.

Objective: Welcome all the children of the Pre Primary Section

The pitter patter of little feet and hushed giggles filled the surrounding air as the little students of the pre primary section lined up and took their places in the assembly hall on June 17, 2015. Each day is special at GIIS Chinchwad but today was special. The students had returned to school after a long summer holiday and they have to get back into the loop of learning. Laughter and cheerfulness greeted the start of the new term!

The teachers sang a welcome song and presented a peppy dance to cheer up the children. They performed a hilarious skit for the children. The teachers were dressed in school uniform and enacted the role of students. The children burst into peals of laughter and the performance was greeted with incessant clapping. The children were in cherry spirits and happy to be back to school!

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