Saturday, May 23 was reserved for some fun and excitement with parents at Vacation Mania. Parents and kids were all set for the Weekend Special ‘Cooking without fire ‘. Teams of parents and kids were pitted against others in a fun check of their culinary craft and presentation skills.

The gloves were donned and the tables were set for Fun Food Art. Crunchy Monaco biscuits, sliced tomatoes, cheese, sev, coriander and sachets of Pickcoo sauce were neatly lined up on the tables. Identical ingredients were given to all the teams and the battle began…

The clocks started ticking and the hands started moving. Each team worked closely with care and precision. They whisked up lip smacking delights with the flat baked salty biscuit and other ingredients. Voila! Yummy Monaco Treats with cute expressions and unique designs were created by them. Each plate was visually appealing, colourful, nutritious… a sight for sore eyes! The children beamed with pride over their scrumptious and crunchy delights. It was a toughie…choosing the best!!!

Fun and engaging moments like these provide for a lifetime of precious memories for the family!


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