Vacation Mania, week 2 was Double the Fun! The magnetic effect of entertaining and enjoyable Vacation Mania was too good to miss! The excited faces on Monday said it all!!

The week was packed with physical fitness, gymnastics, self defence etc… Bollywood dance ruled the roost in the popularity charts of the week. Twinkle toes honed their gymnastic skills and bounced like jelly beans. The kids sweated themselves out and utterly enjoyed the fitness sessions. There was not a tired bone at camp. The session on Self Defence boosted the confidence of the kids by leaps and bounds! There was remarkable improvement in them. Their reflexes were more spontaneous. The camp was abuzz with positive energy!

The physical activities were counterbalance by the relaxing Cooking and Art and Craft activities.  Yummy dishes were rustled up in cookery class. The little Chefs even packed in some of the snacks as treats for parents. The art and craft classes threw up pleasant surprises. The kids created imaginative pieces of art and craft…each showed off their masterpieces like prized trophies! The Soft Skills session guided the kids on correct attitude, social graces, proper communication and giving out positive energy.

The kids were treated to a movie on Thursday. They watched the movie with their friends. It was an enjoyable surprise! Parents were invited to camp on Saturday. The parents watched a movie with the kids. It was a refreshing change! Everyone enjoyed watching the movie in a group!

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