Parents and students were star struck at GIIS Chinchwad on the evening of April 29, 2015. The school had organised an amazing Celestial Experience for them .A wonderful session on constellations by expert Mr Tushar Purohit was packed into the evening.

The parents and students viewed the wonders of our Solar System through high powered telescopes brought in especially for the day. Collective sky watching provides us with a great opportunity to enjoy and share the close glimpse of celestial bodies with others.

Jupiter, “King of the Planets,” sat high in the southwest as darkness fell and remained in good position for telescopic viewing the entire evening. Venus reached the pinnacle of its visibility that evening. The magnificent view of the luminous Moon enchanted everyone. Parents and students were glancing through the telescopes one after the other at these faraway planets in the summer sky.  They were awestruck… It was all so surreal!  The session on constellations By Mr Tushar Purohit was amazing and enjoyed by everyone.

Parental Engagement activities are an integral part of the Global School experience. These exciting sessions are a step in the positive direction and are thoroughly enjoyed by the school community.

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