Shilpa’s Messy Day

Objective: To enable the children to trace patterns in starch

The children of Nursery, KI &KII of Pre Primary Section were allowed to mess around and have fun in school on April 28, 2015. Playing with starch is a great sensory activity for children. It was Shilpa’s Messy Day at school. Children love to play and get dirty, at home, in the playground and in school. The more the mess the greater the thrill and enjoyment!

The children of Grade Nursery were given tomatoes to squeeze and play with. The kids loved squeezing and the tomatoes and smashing it to a pulp. The mess was all over the floor…the glee and excitement was visible on each and every face. The whole experience was to develop fine motor skill, to develop hand and eye co-ordination.

The children from KI and K2 played with starch made of Maida and Wheat Flour. Water was mixed to the flour and heated. It made the starch paste nice and sticky. Colour was added to make it nice and colourful. The children traced different patterns in the starch. They had a blast squeezing and spilling the paste all over the place. Making the mess added a sparkle to their eyes!!!

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