Drawing the Self Portrait

Objective: Students will learn to draw the human face
It just so happens that every art class generally starts with a self portrait. The students of Grade 1 came armed with their drawing tools- pencils, erasers, colour n all…they  learnt to draw a human face on April 28, 2015 in Art Class. The children were given a demo by the Art teachers and presto! They got going!!!

The promising artists pondering deep in thought…some struggling with their pencils drew the lines across the face to mark the eyes, nose, and mouth to space them equally. The ears and freaky hairstyles were added to the faces. They coloured the face and each portrait was a masterpiece in their own right! The children were thrilled to see their creations and they proudly displayed them for all to see. It was an amazing discovery! Making the portraits was so much fun and funny too.

It is really amazing at how some of portraits actually look like the students and their character starts to show through.


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