Inter House Langadi Competition


Objective: To develop competitive spirit

The game of Langdi is growing by leaps and bounds from a backyard game of bored kids to a competitive and serious sport in schools across the country. Most kids love to play Langdi Taang.

The students of Grade II all headed to the sports ground on April 28, 2015. An inter house Langdi Competition was lined up for them for them for the day. Inter house sporting activities develop a healthy competitive spirit in the children. Children get the opportunity to learn that along with success one should also learn to take failures positively. The participants from Jal, Vayu, Prithvi and Agni were all geared up for action and the spectators ready for rounds of raucous cheering.

The matches began with the ring of the bell. The competition had 2 semi-final matches and the winners of both the matches faced each other in the Final. The sporting ground was buzzing with energy.  The children were all vociferously cheering and egging on their respective houses. The players hopped and tag their opponents while the other team ran amok. The face-off was tougher than expected and the little players of both the teams put in their energetic best in the fight to the finish!

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