We are going on a trip.
Not on a plane! Not in a ship!
We will ride in our new car.
Buckle up–we will go far.
Red light, stop. Green light, go.
Yellow light means slow, slow, slow.

Objective: To teach children about transport and road signs and make them aware about them.
The students of the pre primary section were being educated about the various means of transport and the importance of road signs. It was Transport Week at Global Indian International School Chinchwad. The ground floor of the school had 3 corners designed into mini parking lots for road, air and water transport mediums respectively. A garage full of mini cars, buses, trucks, cranes, trains… a hangar where different planes and helicopters, hot air balloon were parked and a ship yard with different kinds of boats, ships and a submarine docked in it. Some of these miniature models were handcrafted by the facilitators to amazing perfection!

Groups of children visited each corner with curiosity and enthusiasm. …everyone visibly excited and animatedly discussing the transport models in detail, like experts! Road signs were put up all over the ground floor and classrooms and important road safety rules were discussed to make the children aware of traffic rules and regulations. Road safety rules are important to remember and follow for everyone, and the children learnt them all in a jiffy through this fun and unique experience. At the end of the week the kids were able to identify basic road rules, like crossing the road on the zebra crossing, waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green to cross the road, the importance of the traffic signal lights, and various other traffic signs and rules. The children watched different modes of transport from the school gate and discussed their observations.

A dummy Hot Air Balloon was mock released from the school ground much to the thrill and excitement of the students. The icing on the cake was the movie Cars’ which the kids enjoyed to a hilt! A perfect ending to a fun filled and educational week…


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