Objective: To provide students with the knowledge to make good choices in their own lives and the skills to create healthy relationships with themselves, their families, their friends and the opposite sex.

Counselling experts, Ms Rachana Awatrawani and Mr Shreyash Doshi had visited the GIIS Chinchwad campus to conduct a workshop for the students of Grade 9. The key issues discussed  were about exam stress, peer pressure and sex education. Teenage or adolescence is the most vulnerable age when children are easily swayed by emotions and surroundings. It is the junction of life which needs sensitive handling as the children are exposed to new experiences and need guidance to make the right choices.

The workshop had an array of activities to make it more interesting and engaging.  The students enacted role plays, participated in discussions and a viewed an informative PPT. They were also given ‘Handouts’ on the issues that were discussed for further reference.

The aim of the workshop was to empower young people in the decisions they will have to make both in the present and in the future.

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