The Annual “Fiesta Fantasia – La Carnival” began with a blast as the evening sun set on the campus of GIIS . Glittering lights, melodious music, colourful festoons and stalls… The school was a flutter with frenzied activity…everyone in celebratory spirits! Pink balloons were released in the air to create awareness for ‘Heath for Women’. The ‘Mama Mia’ stalls by the moms was full goodies…the moms hawking their stuff with enthusiasm! The food counters saw an endless stream of food fanatics enjoying yummy and mouth watering savouries and drinks…wow! chinese and spring rolls, pizza, burgers and delicious ‘Pav Bhaji’…all polished off from plates in a jiffy.
The game stalls were abuzz with cheering and applauding…moms, dad, kids, grandparents, friends and family all trying their hand in rounds of  Fish Ho, Dare to Dart, Nervous Wreck, Nine Pins…and plenty more. The Dard E Disco corner saw some euphoric dancing…the kids and parents really letting their hair down!!! Tattoo Art corner was full of enthusiast out for some fun tattoos. ‘Chess Masters’ had school champs and chess buffs check mating each other!
There was a surprise Flash Mob Dance and wow… was a hit to the hilt! A Women Empowerment Corner was full of inspiring messages in pink honouring Womanhood…
Everyone out there had a blasting time and had energy for more!!!

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