It was time for critical thinking and spatial thinking for the participants of the Rubik’s Cube Competition at Melange. It was the perfect brain teaser. There were 16 contestants who raced against time to get the perfect cube . Each contestant was given a time of 2 minutes to solve the puzzle.  The cubes were all scrambled by the judges. The Rubik’s Cube, has 43 quintillion (billions and billions) of possibilities. And these contestants were in complete control of that cube. They were solving infinity in their hands. The participants unscrambled the cubes with meticulous precision in a jiffy. It was a test of skill and nerves perfectly coordinating with each other. The sharp memories and algorithm proficiency of the achievers won them acclaim. They were the Wiz’s of Melange. The achievers of this competition were Indira National School and City International School.

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